The Phantom of the Opera, a graphic novel

Created by Becky Laff

book 1 (of 2) a graphic novel adaptation of Gaston Leroux's 1910 masterpiece

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Week 3 begins at 70% funding!!!
almost 2 years ago – Mon, Jun 20, 2022 at 08:35:37 AM

I woke up to incredible news this morning--this project is 70% funded! I'm in tears thinking that this book will actually be real and so soon! I have seen it in my head for so long--I can't believe it will be out in the real world! And all because of you! Thank you so, so much!!  Keep spreading the word, phamily--word of mouth is huge!

Love to all of you!!


Reel Monsters Podcast with AJ Danna!
almost 2 years ago – Sun, Jun 19, 2022 at 12:19:17 PM

Hello, Everyone!

We are still doing well at 65% and on track to reach our goals! (I hope so OMG the stress!!)

 In the meantime I just did an interview with AJ Danna (who is a backer! THANK YOU!) We had a great time gabbing about Phantom stuff. I honeslty think we only scratched the surface of things we could talk about on that subject--but he made me look really good, you should all check it out and share it, too! Thanks again, AJ--you are immensely talented and I can't wait to see what more you do!

You can also find his podcast on Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon Music and aother ones, too! Go subscribe!

Thank you so much, everyone backing this work--you are why this book is possible, at all!!

Love, love, love,


WEEK 1 and already 60%
almost 2 years ago – Mon, Jun 13, 2022 at 09:50:39 AM

You guys, this is amazing! Thank you so much!!!

I'm so thrilled we've done this well already but we still need 5k to meet the base goal--be sure to spread the word bc word-of-mouth is  a big deal.  We can make this happen!  ...maybe we could even meet some strecth goals! EEK!

Thank you so much!!

Love, love, love,


OMG over 50% !!!
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Jun 11, 2022 at 05:42:02 PM

YOU GUYS!!! I woke up today to this amazing news! It's day 5 and we are already over 50% funded??!! I hoped this would go well but this exceeds my hopes, thank you so much!! I am feeling confident we'll meet our goal....and maybe even get some strecth stuff, too! OMG!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Love, Love, Love,


We are a project Kickstarter loves!!!!
almost 2 years ago – Wed, Jun 08, 2022 at 12:19:48 AM

Thank you, Kickstarter!!!

This is incredible!!! When I got the email I had to read it several times before I realized what was happening! LOL I am so thrilled!  I had to do a happy dance and I hope you all are, too!! YAY!!

Thank you, phamily!!

Love, love, love!